April & May Update

Greetings and Salutations!

Yes. Yes. I know I promised an update each month. Unfortunately, last month was here and gone before I knew it. So I am going to squeeze in last month’s update with this month’s update.


Life has a fun way of throwing curve balls at you when you least expect it. You can either take these curveballs and cry, laugh, or find some means in between with the hope that the next day will be better. As I struggle to get back into my writing, many days I stare into space wishing the stories would show themselves as the did in the past. It seems that while my love of writing is still there, the struggle is harder thanks to a large time away. These days I am lucky to get one or two paragraphs in before I have nothing else to add.

A while back I had to set aside my love of reading to focus on the reality that was/is my life and the responsibilities it holds. I believe it is time to pull those old favorites back out and delve back in to the many adventures I loved over the years. In this, perhaps, if I’m lucky my ability to watch stories unfold and new characters reveal themselves to me will return.

While I delve back into my beloved adventures, I will be continuing to work at prepping An Unexpected Adventure for it’s relaunch. We are working at providing a pronunciation and definitions page for those hard to pronounce names and words that are scattered throughout the story. We are also working hard at drawing up a map of Katina’s world and adding some illustrations so the readers can get a better feel for her travels. While my team is working on those, I am working on revising Katina’s story; cleaning up rough area’s, clarifying others, and the most fun of all, at the request of a loyal reader, adding a bit more to her story (More on that in the coming months!).

There are few things I am doing differently in this relaunch and one is to focus more on marketing. This is not one of my strong suits, but I am will to take up this challenge mostly for the joy of seeing/hearing someone enjoy a good story. So, in an effort to understand marketing I am studying up and trying not to fry my brain with facts and figures. Let’s hope next month my brain is still intact. Until next time!


What in the world happened to April! One minute it’s the beginning of the month and the next its May? Some type of time anomaly must have occurred. Oh wait, nope it’s just life getting in the way of the fun stuff again. Ugh!!

Anyway, my brain is not mush. Yay! I still don’t understand much about marketing, but I’m getting a little closer. The map and illustrations are coming along slowly. I hope to have something to share next month on that. My revisions are also coming along slowly, but I will be launching the e-book version of An Unexpected Adventure soon and, if all goes well, the print copies will be made available shortly thereafter. The print copy will be the only version that has the added features. If you sign up for your free e-book and leave a review on Amazon, you will receive a discount coupon for the printed version. If you would like to sign up for a free copy of the e-book please subscribe to my email list. Restrictions do apply so please be sure to read the requirements listed to be able to receive your free copy.

The launch date for both the e-book and hard copy of An Unexpected Adventure will be posted soon. So watch for that announcement.

I have begun delving back into reading to cue up those creative juices. I struggled with what book or series to start those creative gears turning again. I bounced between C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, two writers whose stories I really love to read. I also bounced around the idea of reading the new series of books, The Elminster Series, my family got me and the MythAdventures which I love as well. There are so many stories and beloved characters! It has been so hard to choose where to start. After much thought, I decided on the Icewind Dale Trilogy. These are easy reads for me with exciting adventures, fun friendships, heartwarming characters, and questionable villians. I will share my thoughts on revisiting these tales next month.

Until then, may all your adventures be full of wonder.