Building Memories

Hello everyone!

You are probably wondering why you haven’t seen or heard anything from me. Then again, perhaps you aren’t. It is no secret that my online presence is scarce. This is because I have always felt that my first responsibility is to my family, friends, acquaintances, and work. I feel it is far more important to cultivate in person relations over the impersonal feel of texting or social media platforms. It is far to easy for misunderstandings to happen through impersonal contact.

That said, I also recognize the importance of keeping in touch with those who support my writing through means they prefer. For this, I am truly sorry for not keeping all my supporters up to date. I hope and pray you will forgive my lapse.

Now, for the update. Since I last posted, the doctors found two masses in my body. One of which we found out later turned out to be cancerous. Thankfully, the doc was able to remove it completely and now I must go in for regular checkups to be sure it doesn’t come back. During the long drawn out wait, from the time the masses were discovered and the time they removed the one that caused concern, all I could think about was spending as much time with my family as I could. Wondering what they would do if I was no longer around.

When I was told the mass was indeed cancerous. My thought process changed. My thoughts went back to my father and when he told me he had cancer. He said what he wanted most was to build lasting memories with his loved ones so they would have something to hold on to when he was gone. This got me to thinking that I would like to do the same. Thus began the many brainstorming sessions I had with myself and my family.

We have many things in the works. One of which is the relaunching of An Unexpected Adventure, which will (God willing) be followed by several other books in a series of books that have been waiting for their turn to shine. My kids are working their artistic fingers to the bone to come up with some good illustrations, one of which I will choose for the new cover for An Unexpected Adventure. Watch for the unveiling!

Mid-February I finished the book publishing course I was enrolled in. There is so much involved in the publishing world that it makes my head spin! I am also studying graphic design and marketing (Again so much to it that it makes my head spin!) so I can have a successful book launch. The goal: to launch sometime this year with consecutive launches for the other books over the next couple of years.

I will be posting monthly updates on our progress. I hope you will continue to support not only me but also my family with prayers and encouragement as we continue this crazy adventure of truly understanding the publishing world and what it takes takes for all of us poor introverts to succeed in our memory building goals.

Many blessings to all my current and future supporters!

Watch for my next update in April!

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